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In the ninth century AH, the mathematician Jamsheed Bin Masoud Al-Kashi, also known as Ghiyath Al-Din, invented the decimal comma, completing what had been started earlier by Al-Khawarizmi who added the zero to the group of natural numbers. Those significant achievements contributed to the development of the science of mathematics, and hundreds of years later paved the road to the invention of calculators and computers, and the evolution of information and communication technology and the various images of modern civilization we encounter at present times.

Establishment of COMSOFT Company

The establishment of COMSOFT Company in Amman in 1992 was the extension of such an eventful history, and is embodied by the Company’s adherence since the beginning to giving the name “Jamsheed” to its series of modern computerized programs it specializes in developing, to become in record time one of the leading Jordanian companies in the field of digital solutions and information technology. This distinction enabled it to expand its activities to include Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iraq, Sudan and Morocco.

Accomplishments Of (COMSOFT)

One of the most significant accomplishments that COMSOFT takes pride in placing in its customers’ hands is Jamsheed Program for Accounting and Management. It is an integrated program designed specifically to allow ease of operation and high flexibility that meet accounting and managerial needs of different commercial, industrial, service and constructional institutions, in light of the accelerating changes encountered in the business sector worldwide. This program includes specialized systems covering various aspects required by the nature of work in a newly founded institute such as accounting, debit and credit, inventory, salaries, human resources, office hours monitoring, fixed assets and points of sale.

COMSOFT provides

Moreover, COMSOFT provides its customers with Jamsheed Program for Mobility, which can be used individually or in connection with Jamsheed Program for Accounting and Management. It is a program specialized in organizing movement of cars, buses and other vehicles, and all other related matters including follow-up, coordination, maintenance and calculation of expenses, particularly in large establishments and institutions that use fuel dispensing coupons or internal dispensing vouchers.

managerial and financial aspects

Recently, COMSOFT developed Jamsheed Program for School Management. It is one of the distinctive programs that systematize all academic, managerial and financial aspects of modern educational institutes through integrated systems that follow up on issues of students, teachers and staff, registration and admission procedures, grading, medical care and health insurance, library, website, tuition fees and students accounting, and automatic distribution of students and teachers on different classes, with ability of the program to function independently or in connection with Jamsheed Program for Accounting and Management, or Program for Mobility.

quality standards and comprehensive service

All the above emphasizes COMSOFT’s adoption of the highest quality standards and comprehensive service through its commitment to offering its customers and program user the following benefits: • Free training for using and managing the program. • Technical support by a cadre readily available for customer service through field visits or over the phone. • Free warranty and maintenance for a year from the date of purchase. • Possibility of updating the program and adding any new applications or modifications as per customers’ wishes for a limited cost suitable to the size of the required adjustments. • A cadre of specialists to follow up on the latest developments in the accounting field and their inclusion in the program’s systems and applications.