Jamsheed School Management System

Advanced Management … Modern Education

In light of fast-track developments in the educational industry/sector globally, acquiring modern digital solutions covering all academic, social, medical, and accounting aspects has become an essential requirement for any advanced educational facility or successful educational investment.

At Comsoft, we are proud to have developed the Jamsheed School Management System. The program has the highest levels of flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness, guaranteeing applications integration, and the fulfillment of the needs of various parties and elements in the education process.

What it provides:

1- For The Student:

  • The electronic monitoring and treatment of all data related to the student, his/her parents, grades, academic course, registration of courses, attendance and absence, conduct, curricular and extra-curricular activities, transfers, and all that is related to academic, administrative and disciplinary procedures.
  • The automatic upgrade of students at the beginning of every scholastic year in according with pass/fail/incomplete results of the previous year, as well as the automatic distribution of students in classes in accordance with specific inputs, such as excellence, conduct and gender.
  • The extraction of monthly, quarterly and annual grade sheets, as well as the extraction of the Ministry of Education’s grade sheets and all official documents and forms in all their accredited appearance, size and other characteristics.
  • The automatic extraction of qualitative reports in line with pre-set standards regarding academic performance, school conduct, time-keeping, and other aspects of interests to parents, students and the school.
  • The protection of student privacy and guaranteeing non-tampering with results using proxy options within the users network that allows a teacher to handle only the grades of students that s/he teaches in courses s/he teaches without being able to look at data of other students or other courses.

2- Medical Care:

  • The electronic monitoring and treatment of medical records pertinent to every student and employee, including medical history, hospital admission, and doctors’ visits, as well as any regular, clinical and laboratory test, and eye and teeth examination.
  • The extraction of reports identifying the general medical condition of students or employees using average monthly or annual visits to the doctor, reasons for the visit, adopted procedure, prescribed treatment, and financial cost.
  • The extraction of qualitative medical reports, such as chronic diseases suffered by a student or an employee, disallowed materials and medicines, and previously undergone medical procedures and surgeries.

3- The Teacher:

  • The electronic monitoring and treatment of all data related to teachers, in terms of the job, such as working hours, leaves, vacations, administrative procedures, transfers, resignation, and service termination, or in terms of academics, such as the teaching load, number of classes, and class distribution.
  • The extraction of qualitative reports regarding the occupational and academic status of every teacher for quality control purposes and performance evaluation.

4- The Library:

  • The electronic archival of all assets in the library in terms of references, books and periodicals, their indexing and categorization according to title, sections, writer name, subject matter, publisher, and other documentation data, and the provision of electronic search options relevant to all that.
  • The electronic monitoring of all borrowing and returning procedures, delays and relevant fines.
  • The extraction of reports related to the borrowing limits for every student or employee, the books each one has, and relevant delays and fines, or the extraction of reports related to the movement of borrowing and returning particular to a specific book.
  • The extraction of a daily report on books that are due back and the names of their borrowers, so that the librarian is able to monitor the situation and protect the library’s assets, and to guarantee the availability of references when required or needed.

5- Accounting:

  • The electronic monitoring and treatment of all financial matters related to the acceptance and registration process in terms of school fees, transportation fees, costs of books, stationary and uniform, due debts, and available funds, and all that is related to that in terms of records, statements, bills, and receipts.
  • The automatic calculation of deductions granted to excelling students, siblings, and employees’ children, as well as other deductions.
  • The automatic monitoring of due installments, the notification of parents using the school’s email, the possibility of payment scheduling, the issuance of relevant receipts, whether payments were in cash or by check.
  • The extraction of detailed receipts that includes the value of the installment paid by the parent, the names of all students supported by this installment, and the share of each of them, for tax related purposes and other official usages.
  • The possibility of linking to the Jamsheed Management and Accounting System for the purpose of calculating the annual budget and preparing records and final accounting and tax reports.

6- The Website:

  • A modern design for an up-to-date website that provides users with general information about the school, its scholastic programs, its administrative and academic team, its facilities, its services, its latest news, and its various activities.
  • An interactive service that provides parents with the opportunity to monitor their children’s academic progress, grades, conduct, discipline, adopted measures, medical records, installments and due payments, and available funds. This is accomplished through a username and password assigned to each parent.

Flexibility and Ease:

The Jamsheed School Management Program is characterized by a high level of flexibility and easy use and operation, characterized by the following:

  • Bilingual (Arabic/English).
  • Provides users with immediate assistance options through (dialogue boxes) that include usage information for every command of the program in the form of simplified steps in Arabic and English.
  • Confidentiality protection by specifying authorities given to every person within the users' network.
  • Allows more than one person in the users' network to look at, and handle the same data at the same time.
  • The ability to see more than one screen simultaneously and work on all of them at the same time.
  • Program use is valid for an unlimited number of years per school.
  • Compatible with operating systems (Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista).

Integrated Service:

In addition to the advanced applications it provides, the Jamsheed School Management System is characterized by its compatibility to link with the Jamsheed Management and Accounting System that covers all accounting related aspects, debts, warehouses, salaries and human resources, and the Jamsheed Transportation System that regulates and monitors the school’s fleet of cars and buses and all that is relevant to fuel coupons and receipts, maintenance costs, registration and insurance procedures, insurance, accidents and violations.

Moreover, dealing with Comsoft, the Jamsheed systems' programming developer, provides users the benefit of the following privileges:

    • Free training.
    • Technical support in the field and via the phone.
    • Free guarantee and maintenance for one year from the purchase date.
    • Availability of system update and addition of any new applications at a cost suited to the volume of required alterations.
    • Constant update with the latest developments in the area of information technology, digital solutions, the rules and regulations of the Ministry of Education and their inclusion in the system's applications.

School Management System Brochure