Jamsheed Transportation System

Higher Flexibility … Less Cost

The movement section is considered to be the backbone of any modern and successful investment, given that speed and efficiency constitute the main standards of quality and service in light of the major competition that is seen in the business environment worldwide.

When developing the Jamsheed Transportation System, Comsoft made sure that it fulfills all the needs of commercial, industrial, service and construction entities, regardless of the nature of their work, the quality of their services, or the size of their fleet of cars, vehicles and machinery, especially those that adopt the fuel coupons system or internal dispensing documents, in order to establish a formula of higher flexibility, best service and less cost.

Why Jamsheed Transportation System?

  • Because Jamsheed includes all the major data related to vehicles, drivers, cost and quantity of fuel, cost and measures of maintenance, licenses, insurance, accidents and violations.
  • Because Jamsheed guarantees rational fuel consumption by monitoring distances traveled per coupon, and comparing them with the regular rate of consumption for each vehicles, as well as giving notice of any faults for maintenance or any other measure to be performed.
  • Because Jamsheed organizes fuel coupons and documents, follows up on their dispensing, automatically calculates the remaining quantities in each coupon book, and provides the ability to search for data pertinent to each specific coupon or document.
  • Because Jamsheed allows the prior scheduling of routine maintenance carried out on the basis of distances traveled (changing the oil, the brakes, replacing parts), with the ability to directly link to the Jamsheed warehouses system in order to verify the availability of required spare parts in storage, and retrieve these parts automatically and directly through the system.
  • Because Jamsheed guarantees the automatic calculation of the life-time of each vehicle through fuel consumption, traveled distances, and the average cost of maintenance from the vehicles original price.
  • Because Jamsheed allows for the automatic follow up of vehicle and driver licensing, insurance installments, accidents and traffic violations.
  • Because Jamsheed provides statistical reports on the expenses and readiness of the entire fleet or detailed reports on each vehicle separately.
  • Because Jamsheed provides statistical reports on each driver in terms of fulfillment of assigned tasks, rates of fuel and spare parts consumption, traffic violations, and accidents for purposes of quality control and performance evaluation.
  • Because Jamsheed is bilingual (Arabic-English).
  • Because Jamsheed is compatible with operating systems (Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista).
  • Because Jamsheed provides users with immediate assistance options through (dialogue boxes) that include usage information for every command of the system in the form of simplified steps in Arabic and English.
  • Because Jamsheed protects confidentiality by specifying authorities given to every person within the users' network.
  • Because Jamsheed allows more than one person in the users' network to look at and handle the same data at the same time.
  • Because Jamsheed is compatible for direct linkage with the Jamsheed Accounting and Management System and to the Jamsheed School Management System which is especially related to modern educational institutions that own fleets of buses for student and employee transportation.
  • Because Jamsheed allows users the benefits of dealing Comsoft, the Jamsheed systems’ programming developer, which include the following privileges:
    • Free training.
    • Technical support in the field and via the phone.
    • Free guarantee and maintenance for one year from the purchase date.
    • Availability of system update and addition of any new applications at a cost suited to the volume of required alterations.
    • Constant update with the latest developments in the area of information technology, and digital solutions and its application.

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