Jamsheed Accounting System

Advanced Solutions and Modern Accounting

Why Jamsheed Accounting and Management System?

Effective management and accurate accounting are considered the backbone of any successful investment in light of the fast-track developments in the business sector worldwide. Therefore, when designing Jamsheed Accounting and Management System, we endeavored to provide the best solution and the ultimate answer to all your administrative and accounting needs. The system is characterized by its easy operability and high flexibility levels that meet the needs of the various commercial, industrial, service and construction entities.

The program has the following characteristics

  • It allows investors the ability to use only those applications that suit the volume and nature of their investment, which will lessen their financial cost.
  • It is bilingual (Arabic/English).
  • It has multi-currency functions, whereby users are able to handle listed data in accordance with unlimited types of currency.
  • It provides users with immediate assistance options through (dialogue boxes) that include usage information for every command of the program in the form of simplified steps in Arabic and English.
  • It protects confidentiality by specifying authorities given to every person within the users' network.
  • It has the function of on-line connectivity as well as user connectivity.
  • It allows more than one person in the users' network to view and handle the same data at the same time.
  • It has the ability to deal with several departments and projects within the single company, along with the ability to list sub-departments under each main department, as well as sub-projects under each main project.
  • It has the ability to deal with the accounts of more than one company simultaneously (up to 99 companies), whereby a separate account is assigned to each company with the ability to extract a unified budget report for all these companies in terms of specific and unified accounts.
  • Its use is valid for an unlimited number of years per company.
  • It provides the ability to see more than one screen simultaneously and work on all of them at the same time.
  • It facilitates the daily monitoring of customers, suppliers, and inventory through auxiliary ledgers completely linked to the general ledger.
  • It has the ability to link the warehouses system with the accounting system in terms of assembling and disassembling activities, input and output transactions, sale and purchase bills, and sale and purchase returns.
  • It has visual control of the chart of accounts.
  • It has the ability to calculate costs of inventory items using (FIFO, LIFO, Weighted Average).
  • It has the ability to monitor and calculate all categories of the sales tax and prepare a tax report automatically.
  • It has the ability to automatically calculate the income tax, the social security and other deductions and allowances from and to the salary, as well as regularly monitoring updates and amendments to relevant laws, regulations and instructions.
  • It has the ability to extract more than (140) different statistical reports.
  • It includes two methods of posting transactions (temporary and final).
  • It is compatible with operating systems (Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista).
  • It provides a payroll system and a human resources system that are entirely linked to the accounting system, as well as a special system for calculating depreciation of each fixed asset separately, and what that entails in terms of detailed records and statements.

System Components

Jamsheed Accounting and Management System is composed of several components and applications that cover all administrative and accounting needs of modern companies, most important of which are:

  1. Accounting.
  2. Accounts Receivable & Payable.
  3. Inventory & Warehouses.
  4. Payroll, human resources, and monitoring working hours (time attendance).
  5. Fixed assets.
  6. Point of Sale.


The accounting system of the Jamsheed Accounting and Management System is characterized by its ability to comprehensively address all accounting processes with ease, flexibility and high accuracy, along with the ability to monitor all accounts transactions through detailed financial and accounting reports.

The program also includes daily accounting activities in terms of preparing records, organizing receipts, and credit and debit notifications, and all that is relevant in terms of automatically calculating sales tax, project distribution, bank settlements, check analysis and following up on their due dates.

Accounts Receivable & Payable

The Jamsheed Accounting and Management System includes auxiliary ledgers related to  accounts receivable & payable directly and entirely linked to the accounting system, which facilitates the regular follow-up of customers and suppliers in detail, providing reports and statement and all activities relevant to each customer/supplier, along with the ability to present a consolidated statement of account  for each customer and supplier.

Warehouses & Inventory

The warehouses and inventory system of the Jamsheed Accounting and Management System is characterized by its full linkage to the accounting system in terms of organizing sale invoices and purchase bills, following up on input and output transactions, item assembly and disassembly and store transfer, as well as monitoring the free zone and calculating costs of inventory items using (FIFO, LIFO, WA), and conducting perpetual and periodic inventory using accounting records that are automatically organized for all inventory transactions.

The system also provides for opening a special card for every inventory item that includes data relevant to the item, such as the description, serial number, manufacturing number, category, type, group, validity, minimum quantity limit, re-order quantity, item location, barcode, alternatives, supplements, pricing, and other relevant information, along with the ability to provide a detailed report about each item card.

Payroll and Human Resources

The payroll system of the Jamsheed Accounting and Management System is characterized by its ability to automatically calculate all salary deductions (income tax, social security, medical insurance, service tax) and allowances and remunerations (transportation allowance, representational allowance, overtime), as well as organizing everything related to that in terms of organizing accounting records, analytical statements, and the extraction of all relevant salary reports and documents, such as the (أر/3) form and the salaries certificate.

The Jamsheed Accounting and Management System also encompasses a human resources system that is directly linked to the accounting system and the time attendance system, including detailed information relevant to all employees, their job titles, job descriptions, and vacations/leaves of absence.

Fixed Assets

The fixed assets system of the Jamsheed Accounting and Management System is characterized by its direct link to the accounting system in a manner that allows the user flexible listing of an unlimited number of fixed assets with all their details within the system, then automatically calculates depreciation on each asset, in addition to all relevant records and statements.

Point of Sale

The point of sale system is a self-standing independent system that has the ability to link to the original program from the accounting and inventory aspects using the barcode specific to each item, whereby the necessary records are automatically prepared for any sale transaction undertaken at point of sale, followed by the preparation of invoices, and then reflecting this transaction on the inventory available in warehouses.

Exceptional Service

In addition to the advanced digital solutions provided by the Jamsheed Accounting and Management System, dealing the Comsoft, the system’s programming developer, or the program’s exclusive agent, provides users the benefit of the following privileges:

  • Free training on the program’s usage and management.
  • Technical support through dedicated customer-service employees through field visits or via the phone.
  • Free guarantee and maintenance for one year from the purchase date.
  • Ability to update the program and add new applications or new amendments as required by the user and at a cost suited to the volume of required alterations.
  • A specialized team of employees to monitor the latest developments in the field of accounting and including them in the program’s systems and applications.

Management & Accounting System Brochure